Territorial Planning Unit

GCT3 | Territorial Planning Unit

TPU Initiatives & Priorities

Manito Aki Inakonigaawin (MAI): MAI is the sacred resource law of the Nation. This law is a customary law that has governed our people since time immemorial and is based on our responsibility to ensure that the land, the people, and the future is protected. The TPU is working to operationalize MAI when engaging with Government and industry on natural resource and other matters in the territory.


Sites of Anishinaabe Cultural Significance: SOACS is an initiative created in partnership with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) to protect important cultural sites within the Treaty 3 Territory. These include but are not limited to, ceremonial sites, burial sites, teaching or gathering sites, rock art such as petroglyphs and pictographs, and traditional plant and medicine locations. Once designated under SOACS, its record is kept confidential by GCT3 and the site is protected from future mineral development.


Co-Management: The TPU is in the process of drafting a co-management concept paper in order to become more involved in the natural resources planning process and to be able to better incorporate Aboriginal traditional knowledge into management planning within the Treaty 3 Territory. The TPU is also exploring opportunities for revenue resource sharing.


Watershed Management Planning: The TPU is in the process of exploring funding opportunities and identifying partners to develop a territory-wide watershed management plan in order to better understand the potential impacts of resource development on waters within the territory. This plan will require significant community involvement including quality testing and more.


Transportation and Procurement: The TPU is working with the Ministry of Transportation Ontario to work on procurement opportunities in the transportation sector. Communities may bid on government contracts that are available through the Aboriginal Procurement Program provided they have the qualifications and equipment to do the job. The TPU is planning to conduct community asset inventories to facilitate this process.