Territorial Planning Unit

GCT3 | Territorial Planning Unit

Mission & Objectives

Guided by Manito Aki Inakonigaawin and recognizing the significance of Treaty 3 members’ connection to the land, the Territorial Planning Unit works with Treaty #3 Leadership to protect the lands, waters, and resources within the 55,000 square miles that make up the Treaty 3 Territory.

This is accomplished by:

    • Sharing current information to build capacity of Treaty 3 members related to resource development projects, proposed changes to government policy, and other activities that have the potential to impact the lands or waters, or existing Treaty rights of our Nation with its members.


    • Enabling the participation of all Treaty 3 members in the natural resources decision-making process.


    • Respond to and provide strategic or technical advice to our 28 communities in the Treaty 3 Territory related to resource development and/or environmental regulation.


    • Working closely with the Ministries of Northern Development and Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry, and Transportation Ontario on policy development and other issues of interest to our members.


    • Engaging and mentoring Treaty 3 youth to promote careers and leadership opportunities in the environmental and natural resources-related fields.


    • Encourage the cultural and social well-being of the Anishinaabe Nation by seeking cultural and other guidance of Treaty 3 elders as it related to the natural resources development and the environment.


    • Exploring common interests and facilitating pragmatic approaches to the management of natural resources and to natural resources planning in the Treaty 3 Territory and across the Province of Ontario; and


  • Exploring and facilitating economic development opportunities for Treaty 3 businesses in the natural resources, environmental, or other associated business sectors.